50 lifesaving Googling tricks

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Google, the main driving force in everybody life has got a bunch of Easter egg tricks which can improve your searching speed and make you Hacker man/Hacker girl. These are various methods of accessing specific type of content. These tricks can be used both in Android device and desktop (Some of them are android specific). All the tricks are tried and well tested by me. Let’s jump straight into these: (Wait till the end for bonus trick !)

1. Search for keywords in page titles

Example: intitle: hacking

2. Search for phrases in page titles

Example: allintitle: get twitter followers

3. Search for keywords in blog post titles

Example: inblogtitle: tricks

4. Search for phrases in blogpost titles

Example: allinblogtitle: get facebook friends

5. Search for keywords in page text

Example: intext: hacking

6. Search for phrases in page text

Example: allintext: how a network work

7. Search for exact matches

Example: “social media posting schedule” infographic

8. Search for keywords in anchor tests

Example: inanchor: snapchat

9. Search for phrases in anchor tests

Example: allinanchor: Instagram marketing trick

10. Search for keywords in URLs

Example: inurl: hacking

11. Search for phrases inURLs

Example: allinurl:how to get more sales

12. Search for content by a specific author

Example: allinpostauthor: kaustubh gupta

13. Search for words near each other

Example: marketing AROUND(6) ecommerce

14. Search for phrases near each other

Example: “content marketing” AROUND(6) “ecommerce strategy”

15. Search for synonyms

Example: birthday party -décor

16. Search for alternative TLDs (top-level domains)

Example: site: ebay*-site:ebay.com

17. Search for a phone number

Example: phonebook: Anmol

18. Search for a movie

Example: movie: Kapoor and sons

19. Search specific types of domains

Example: site: .gov

20. Search for multiple specific types of domains

Example: healthcare site: gov

21. Search for hashtags

Example: #blogger

22. Search using a range of numbers

Example: dell laptops $400-$600

23. Search within a date range

Example: ecommerce strategies daterange: 24/12/2014- 24/12/2018

24. Search a specific site

Example: kaustubhgupta.com maharaja

25. Search related sites

Example: related: theverge

26. Search maps

Example: map: Uganda

27. Get Google to “fill in the blank”

Example: drove my chavy to the levee but the leeve was*

28. Get more information about a website

Example: info: google.com

29. Get a definition

Example: define: hacking

30. Get the weather

Example: weather: Delhi

31. Get words

Example: facebook marketing tips -hootsuite

32. Exclude multiple

Example: facebook marketing tips -hootsuite -bufferap

33. Exclude exact phrases

Example: facebook marketing tips -“facebook contacts”

34. Exclude multiple phrases

Example: facebook marketing tips –“facebook contacts”-“facebook ads”

35. Exclude subdomains

Example: site: digitialmarkerter.com -inurl:www

36. Include words

Example: email marketing platforms reviews+ expenditure

37. Include phrases

Example: how to get more followers+” Instagram live”

38. Use an AND command

Example: ecommerce AND shopify

39. Use a customized AND command

Example: “Instagram marketing” AND “pinterest marketing”

40. Use an OR command

Example: ecommerce platform shopify OR magento

41. Use a customized OR command

Example: “content marketing” OR “social media marketing”

42. Use an alternative to OR command

Example: social media marketing Instagram | Facebook

43. Identify pages that are not secure

Example: site: ebay.com -inurl:https

44. Identify unnecessary text files

Example: site: yoursite.com filetype:txt -inurl:robots.txt

45. See cached version of website

Example: cache: theverge.com

46. Narrow your search to a specific location

Example: vegan bakery loc:New York city

47. Track stocks

Example: stocks: Maruti

48. Restrict results to a particular news source

Example: health care source: politico

49. Use Google as a calculator

Example: in:mph in the speed of light

50. Search by filetype

Example: inboud: marketing filetype:pdf

Time for bonus trick:

index of "anything" - it gives you indexed pages of the title provided. It is the master trick as anything can be viewed, downloaded or loaded available on the servers.

Example: index of movies 2019

All the tricks mentioned may not work all the time but they are handy in situation where one needs to find a specific section of web.

Happy Googling!

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