An insightful journey into TEDxMAIT

After all the hustle bustle that happened at the venue, TEDxMAIT was a successful event which ended on a good note. TEDx is an independent organisation that is a part of Ted community. TED is an international platform where speakers who have contributed something extravaganza to the society come together and share their experience to influence more and more people to grow their community. TEDx being a subset of Ted has similar concept but escalated on a small level. The difference between TED and TEDx events are that the former takes more of a global approach while the latter typically focuses on a local community that concentrates on local voices. Officially, the 'x' in TEDx stands for independently organized TED event - but it's more of a TED multiplied.

TEDxMAIT has just uprooted the previous year and still self-exploring the hidden zeal in it. Technical snags happen all the time but its not like that the back-end team was not efficient enough to handle the event. I would like to give a huge shout-out to TEDxMAIT team for hosting and managing such a humongous event with so much patience.

Now without wasting much time, let me give you a brief of the speakers that presented their ideas (Read till end to unlock bonus element)


Satyam Mishra hails from Bhagalpur in Bihar and holds an engineering degree from the Manipal Institute of Technology. He believes that teachers are vectors of education and proper education for girls is a topic very close to him. He was invited to teach refugee children in Malala Yousafzai All-Girls School in Lebanon in 2017. He is a former National Consultant for secondary classrooms in Teach for India. This man literally is a legend. The way he teaches his students is exceptionally great! In his presentation he focused on why we need to learn things? Why math is seen as a fear in children? He solves this issue by introducing children to old era when these theorems were invented, what was the need. The result, one of his students, Aniket Naidu cracked one of the toughest exams of world and total number of students who appeared for the same from India were around 38k. Well said by him:

"Implement mine innovate yours!"


Praveen Sharma is an entrepreneur by choice, a motivational speaker, business coach, consultant. He is also an active public speaker, a writer and also specializes in strategic partnerships and hacking business growth for the organization. He is trying to break the stigma around mental health with his initiative. He feels the youth needs to take care of their mental health as much as physical health, and we couldn't agree more. Fear of not doing something kills itself. The best example he gave was that of Pacman game.

According to him, imagine yourself as Pacman and suppose the small dots as your small goals but there are always hurdles like monsters in the game. If you try to cover all the small to reach the bigger circle then you may fail many times but you need to try first else you will remain in this infinite loop forever.

"For getting successful, avoiding small things and not taking risks is the biggest failure of your career."


Paromita Roy is a reputed architect for contemporary buildings. She was an Urban Designer working in Shanghai but left her lucrative job to have a career dedicated solely to public service. She is also the Deputy General Manager of IRSDC which is the nodal agency for railway station development in India. At the Home Minister office located in Delhi, she is designated as the knowledge partner working with Amit Shah. She mainly focused on how to implement Transient Oriented Development and she explained this in very detailed manner. I am not going to tell you all as that was a way long explanation!


Nitesh Kumar Jangir is electronics engineer with focus on embedded system design. Being the co-founder at Coeo Labs also an active inventor, 6 patents were filed and granted by him in the field of medical devices and artificial intelligence. He is the creator of Saans - a breathing support device to tackle avoidable deaths of premature babies from respiratory distress syndrome due to a lack of immediate access to complex medical equipment. Due to his hard and innovative work, he marked a place for himself in Forbes 30 under 30, 2019 (India and Asia).


Ashim Bery is a percussionist based in New Delhi. He has been practicing and learning the Tabla for the last 17 years. In 2015, he began working on a solo project as a tongue drummer and handpan artist. Through his work, he tries to fuse music with works of fellow musicians, artists, theater professionals, writers, and poets. Each composition of his has a personal story to tell and likes to incorporate storytelling as a medium within the music. This man told us the whole story how he improved his lifestyle from being nothing to present scenario. His handpan performance was so much soothing that everybody there were immersed in his music.


Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi is a physician-scientist and Assistant Professor of Computational Biology at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-D). He has been a visiting faculty member at Stanford University. Dr. Sethi specializes in improving outcomes in neonatal, child and maternal health by bridging medicine and artificial intelligence. His research is focused on the development and deployment of machine-learning-based solutions to enable decisions and policy in pressing healthcare questions. He mainly focused on connecting everything and using it for social cause. Likewise, he linked computer vision, machine learning and deep learning to develop POSEIDON and wiser like platforms.

"When you are changing the world remember one thing, failing is a part of success"


Rachel Cunningham is a world traveller and works as a super-yacht chef. Owing to her profession, she visits places all over the world and shares all her experiences on her blog. She has been to 115 countries to date and has been traveling the world for 15 years. Over her years of travel, she has witnessed the sunrise over Machu Picchu, learned to cook with a famous South Korean Monk from Netflix, taught children in Nepal, rode camels in Egypt and danced at a carnival in Trinidad, among many other amazing adventures at exotic locations. She shared how these tourist places are getting affected adversely due to explosion of tourist around the world.


Mriganka Saxena is an Urban Designer, Strategist and policy writer with over 17 years of experience. She has done her M.Sc. in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics. Her leadership and contributions in projects as well as policies, have transformed city transport and created sustainable habitats. It has rejuvenated water bodies and drains, which, in turn, is helping turn around the lives of many families.


Ayush Jaiswal is an entrepreneur and CEO of Pesto. He belives in 3Ws. Why I should do a particular thing. WHAT other things can influence my work and WHO said what should not affect ones work. These strategies have helped him to build his multi national company with 300+ employees.

These nine speakers gave an insightful talk about their lives and work which created a sense of belonging to everyone. Also need to mention, Afroza – Dance society of IP college for women gave an amazing performance which got all the eyeballs on them. Watch one of the clippings of their performance here:

I would like to end this article here and allow you sometime to analyse what you can implement from these experiences.

Thank You!

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