Digit Squad Tech Day

On 8th June 2019 something extravaganza happened. It was a mind-boggling event that took place in Digit Office, Noida. The Digit Squad is a community of elite members who are connected via a common channel of technology. Some of these members are YouTuber, influencers, and bloggers like me. I am going to take you to a virtual tour of what happened in this amazing event. So, fasten up your seat belts and let’s start!

Digit Office

On 6th June 2019, I got an email from Digit Squad that I have been invited for the Digit Squad Tech Day. I canceled all my plans for this day and was pretty much excited as this was Digit first ever Tech Day. Finally, after sleepless night it was the big day when I traveled especially from my hometown to visit the Digit team. Around 10:30 am I reached the office and the event was scheduled for 11 am. After reaching the office we were greeted with water and some snacks as they were configuring gadgets for use. In the meantime, I interacted with other community members and most of them were YouTubers and content creators. Now it was the time when we actually got to interact with the Digit Editorial team which manage the Digit website and creates content for YouTube.

Digit Office Inside

Now it was time for us to interact with the gadgets! We were provided with 10+ laptops, Smart TVs, Gaming consoles like Xbox One X and Sony PlayStation, The mixed reality VR headset, projector and a ton of smartphone. Let’s talk about each of them one by one.


I must say that Digit got a lot of them and most of them were premium segment devices. Laptops like Dell Alienware area 51m and Alienware m15 was the centre of attraction as they are not affordable to the general public. We were also provided with some unleased laptops (one of them is Asus Vivobook 14 which launched on June 11 check digit review here) which they told not to mention anywhere before launch. We were given the opportunity to explore each of them, try and test them, play our favorite games on them and record benchmark scores. Laptops like Acer swift, Hp spectre x360 convertible, Asus ROG Strix etc were also displayed.


Now coming to smartphone segment Digit didn’t disappoint us and displayed a variety of smartphones ranging from budget segment like Redmi Note 7 series to premium segment like Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XR, Google Pixel 3XL and Pixel 3a and endangered Huawei P30 pro. Also, phones like Oppo Renu, Vivo nex, Xiaomi BlackShark 2 and OnePlus 7 pro were eyeball stealer. All smartphones were free to use for content creation.

SmartTV and Gaming Consoles

Xiaomi Mi TV 4X pro (55inch) attached with Xiaomi soundbar and Sony OLED TV were coupled with Xbox One X and PS4 pro which enriched our gaming experience. We had a variety of games to choose from like Apex Legends to Assassin's Creed odyssey to Mortal Kombat 11. The refresh rate on both the TVs was amazing but Sony stole my heart as the level of optimization for audio and video playback was breath-taking.

VR headsets

We also got our hands-on on Acer Mixed Reality headset coupled with Alienware 51m and that was a marvelous experience. Playing VR games is always fun but this device enhanced the experience with haptic feedback and HD display. Oculus Go headset and Google Daydream VR were also displayed which gave a tough competition.

Other miscellaneous gadgets

Smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa were also presented there. These are common nowadays and I also own one but for someone who has only seen these on TV or online was a great experience. Benq projector was one of the most delicate and most expensive. It features a 4k projection on a massive 135-inch scale. Digit team projected Mission Impossible through this projector via Netflix and it was a pretty good experience. And now comes the beast of all gadgets: Alienware Aurora R8. This gaming Rig configuration is very impressive and playing Doom on 150 FPS was like a dream come true.

So that’s pretty much all about what happened at the first-ever Digit Squad tech day. I would like to thank Digit and congratulate them on organizing such a successful event. Goodies were also given which was a sweet gesture from their side. All necessities were also taken care of like lunch, snacks, etc. Looking forward to attending other events like these.

Do check the after video of this event here!

Happy Reading Folks!

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