The Untold Stories

Hey fellas, long time no see! Actually, now I am a developer, I was one, but now a good one… getting me? Anyways when my first year of college got over and I was promoted to the second year (without knowing the result, that’s what happens in India or maybe my college), I was excited that now I will explore new things in technology, programming and eventually become a so-called “Pro” in these things but as nothing goes as you plan, my journey of the second year is similar to this.

If you have read my first year of college blog, you must be familiar that I study in Delhi’s (India Capital) private college and it’s not bad. I am not saying that I compromised or I wasn’t prepared for this or something but I like my college and when I was on college hunt in 2018, I badly wanted to just enter a college as I no longer wanted to study those silly school subjects (though college is no new in that but still it is manageable). After the first year, my whole thinking about college changed and I was no longer interested in thinking that I should be in IIT’s or something. I got a good company here, and as I was living in Delhi near to a metro station, I was never at my place. Every weekend, I deliberately planned places to visit as I love food, traveling, clicking pictures, and exploring new places.

I visited so many new places this year and the best of them was going to Chandigarh with a school friend who stays close to my college. We traveled for a whole day, left our place at 7 in the morning, and returned the next day around the same time. We enjoyed a lot there! I went to so many places that I can’t name all of them here as it would make this blog boring.

In the year-end, I went to my last event in Gurgaon, and on my birthday (25th December), I along with my friends, on the day our main examinations got over, we went bowling. My fourth semester started in Jan 2020 and it was going well, with no disturbances at any level and it was a perfectly normal month. I started doing competitive coding under the influence of my friend Saksham (yes, we planned all the things about how many questions we will do, which category and how we will discuss doubts and with whom, now we barely talk). I was doing a lot of questions each day and then a point reached when I and my roommate were doing questions all day all contest and it was a great time brainstorming on difficult questions.

Now came the phase we all are dealing with, Coronavirus. I reached my home on 7th March 2020 and after that, all the things have changed drastically. I was in so much hurry to leave for home that I didn’t meet my friends Abhishek and Saumya (though there were other major reasons which led to some problems and I am so much happy that happened, it worked very well). One thing I am sad still now is that my friends told me to stay back on the last day of my internals but I don’t know what was my hurry that I didn’t stop and they were constantly calling me why I did this. If any of you are reading this, I really don’t know what happened but I assure you that now these things will never happen again as now everything is sorted and I am excited to regroup the day when all the things will be normalized.

Now as I was home, I had nothing to do! I left competitive coding as I was no longer in touch with any of them. But I must confess that this lockdown has proven a bane for me. I am learning a lot of things which I imagined initially (the “Pro” thing I mentioned before). I can call myself a semi-Data Scientist: I am still lacking a lot of things, skills which were necessary and I took them lightly but now it’s high time to understand that concepts, a semi-Android Guy who can develop apps using Python: I don’t have much experience here but given the opportunity, I can provide a reasonable solution, a semi-Website Backend, and API engineer: I can design the website backend, different routes, and API management which I am in love, I really like the concept of API and it’s usage though I haven’t unleashed the full potential of REST API and SOAP models, I have developed my own and I proudly use it in other projects, a Python developer: I will stick to this language life-long! It is easy to understand and interpret, plus it not only helps me in Data Science but also in developing mind-blowing applications, a semi-Open Source Contributor: Though I must not use this tag this early as I have just started but it feels good to have one, I am contributing to an organization but I haven’t done any good progress here and lastly moderate content writer: Yes I can proudly call myself as moderate here as I am writing articles for 1.5 years now both non-technical and technical though now I am more inclined towards technical ones which are getting published on medium. I am happy with what I am doing and I will continue doing that.

Now it’s time for some of my unpopular opinions:

1. It’s not cool to call GitHub and LinkedIn your social media. It shows how much life is disturbed, we have Facebook, Instagram for that. Please spare the other two platforms.

2. Developers have a social, mental, and good friend circle. This point is linked to the first one, Yes, it is true that most of our time is spent on laptops and desktops but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a social life. We hang out, go for parties, and do a lot of fun activities. So, stop pretending that you can’t go to a social convention because you are a developer.

3. I don’t care about anything now. I won’t serve anyone now; I am done with this practice. Just do yourself and for yourself! Your decision should be your own rather than making it a circular dependent (Python developers will understand this better)

That’s all that happened in 2nd-year college. There are a lot of events which I haven’t covered, a new revamped phase of friendships and other irrelevant things. Okay let’s stop this article here and we will meet another time with another topic. With that said, Sayonara!

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