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Hey all out there!

(A virtual handshake to all, PS: Considering Coronavirus situation)

If I am posting this blog, then I must be bored up to saturation (Earlier I was not doing this!). I don’t know if you are bothered or not but I didn’t post a single blog this year (The one posted on 9th Jan was actually written in December and then scheduled). Actually, I am no longer a content writer and I have left all the tasks related to this.

It's not like that I will not write anymore but it will be a very rare case scenario like this one. I didn’t want to reveal this publicly but it doesn’t matter as I am not much famous or anything (it’s a pun). Now coming to the point that why I am writing now?

Actually a lot has happened this year and it is wandering in my mind for long time so I decided to give it a shot and posted a WhatsApp status to ask you guys what should I talk about and the responses I received were pretty good, yes pretty good, damn good (they are were actually so much depressing; now me crying in a corner :( )

I picked some of them, let's hop on them:

Headphones or Earphones?

Umm… Pretty nice question… Based on my experience, I would recommend wired earphones. Hold on! Let me explain why.

I have almost all types of audio equipment from earphones, headphones, speakers and surround systems both wired and wireless and based on this, I would love to return back to simple wired earphones because they need no charging which is a headache in wireless models. Also, I personally feel the best audio is experienced in these wired sets. Else it’s your choice.

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I don’t want to repeat the facts that you are seeing on social media or televisions but I do have a say in this. It has surely brought a danger in people's mind and they all are returning to their safe-places, but a positive aspect has been that people are spending more time with there families, not going anywhere and grounded for some time.

Also, our earth is resting as major productions are closed and people are just isolated from each other. People are working for their self-care and accept it or not, cleanliness has been on the next level. I mean so much sanitization is being performed that was not possible on any other day. I know all these things are nothing as compared to the damage it is causing but we can always find good in bad.

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This is one of the most controversial topics out there and I don’t want to repeat all the mess around this but I just want to say that it would not happen if she apologized. I mean it’s not always the girl who is correct and THEY CAN ALSO BE WRONG.

Maybe she was instructed to do this or the boy did it intentionally for the show or whatever the case, it forms different opinions in the society and youth is the most affected. Nikhil Chinnapa was also part of this controversy and seriously he lost all my respect.

How to impress someone?

This meme may keep you motivated but at some stage, you need a partner. Now it’s up to you how you manage your life timeline and find someone right now or after success. It highly depends on how you handle your relationship. There are so many cases where both parties have set boundaries for each other and afterward live a happy life.

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Just one piece of advice (take or reject), please don’t fall for someone for their looks and have a one-on-one conversation to know each other to the fullest before making an informed decision. And the answer to question, just be the way you are, the honest you.

Zomato Boy

There is a guy whose smile has been so much popular for a few days. He is a meme material now but what I learned from him is that whatever be the situation don’t forget the real happiness in you. Just smile and shine the world. He may earn low at least he is satisfied with his work in this heavily competitive world. He has abolished all his pain and suffering through his always smiling nature.

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See this is also a controversial topic and the idea I am going to describe may offend many. In childhood our parents told us that “yeh dosti jyada ni chalagi and bakwas hai toh be aware” and we simply ignore this advice because we believed that OUR FRIEND IS NOT LIKE THIS.

This may be harsh but this statement is 100% correct. No matter how hard you try for someone what you will receive is evil replies. I am not saying that the current friendships are fake and you should not do this but, you need not believe someone blindly. Though there are people for you and they are will back you in every situation but they are hard to find. I am blessed to have some in my life but it doesn't mean that you should have one or you are lacking something. It's all about how people treat you and vice versa.

A past hypothetical story: Friendships by kaustubh

Again, I couldn’t all the topics and hope I covered all the so-called trending topics. All these are my personal views and criticism is always welcomed. Go ahead check out my previous articles. This is me Kaustubh singing off and I may/may not see you in my next article.


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