Working and Usage of Torrents

Hello guys, I am back with another article and today’s topic is Torrenting. But before proceeding further I am going to explain you what is a torrent, why to use it, seeders, leachers, pears, and up to what extent it is safe.


Way back in Summer of 1999, Napster was initially the first online peer to peer network file sharing platform. In the initial phase it started off with audio or mp3 sharing platform but soon due to copyright infringement, in 2001, it was shut down and company was ceased but it’s still running up as in 2008 Roxio purchased Napster brand and its logo. In 2001, another torrent client BitTorrent developed by Bram Cohen came up and 4 years later in 2005 uTorrent (most popular) came.

What is a torrent?

Torrent is a peer to peer file sharing system. A torrent file consists of metadata which basically consists of all the addresses of parts of a particular file. Torrenting works on distribution system and not on centralisation. It means that a file is not stored on a particular server or centralized server but on different systems. When ever a user creates a torrent, it is just a link between creator and client. The creator is termed as Pear. Client downloads file from the creator system and now he has two options:

1) He will stop the torrent. In this case the client is known as Leecher. Basically, he not contributing in improving the health of the torrent.

2) He will continue to seed the torrent. Such a client is known as Seeder. He will download the file as well as work as a server for other. When other any other user tries to download the same file using the torrent, he will get sources from both pear and seeder.

Is torrenting safe?

Absolutely, torrenting is completely safe until you are not doing anything illegal like spreading pirated content. Using torrents is not illegal but using it for wrong reasons is illegal. So, if you are planning of using torrents make sure you are not downloading any illegal or pirated content. There are many companies who use torrents to distribute their software. Main benefit of using torrent is that if any how the centralized server fails, the downloads fail but in torrenting, the file is distributed among several machines so recovery of file becomes easy.

Concept of magnet links

You must have heard of the term ‘Magnet link’. It’s basically a hyperlink with hash table attached to it. This type of link, when pasted in the torrent client searches for all the domains or servers who are seeding the file. While the trackers in a torrent file tries to communicate with the seeders, magnet link makes connection with the seeder mush faster and starts downloading the file.

Main advantage of using a magnet link is that while downloading a torrent it is possible you will end up downloading loads of adware or useless software as these download links are linked with ads which trick you to download this bla-bla software first to proceed further which is absolutely nuisance. Torrents are downloaded directly. So, magnet links save your system from malwares and adware.

Ways to download file from a torrent

1) Using a torrent client: This is the most basic way of downloading a file from torrent.

Popular torrent clients available are uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBitTorrent, Tiaxti etc.

You just need to find the right torrent from trusted websites and then add that torrent to the client by tapping on it. Then after downloading it its your choice whether you want to seed it or not. If not then just stop it as seeding will consume enough bandwidth.

2) Using online hosted torrent service:  I am sure majority of users are unaware of the fact that files from a torrent can be downloaded without use of any software even an app! Just follow these steps.

i. Copy the magnet link of the torrent file or just download the torrent file and upload the file to the torrent hosting services.

ii. One disadvantage of this method is that these services are paid and trial or free version has limitations of 1-2GB. It means only torrent with 1-2 GB size can be downloaded using their service on trial basis.

iii. Some of the services are,, etc.

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Happy Reading Folks!

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