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As a developer we create hundreds of repositories and hardly 15-20 of them actually make it to final project we deploy and showcase on social media/LinkedIn. This GitHub action allows you to generate your perfect self updating portfolio with Projects, Hackathons and latest Blogs.

An index file is generated by this action which with the help of GitHub pages gets deployed as soon as it is committed the repository. If you write blogs, then you can integrate Blog Post Workflow in our workflows to update latest blogs in your portfolio.

WhatsApp Group Analyser

I have to build a web application to serve this purpose. I structured the whole analysis code into 3 phases or modules. One module helps in processing, cleaning, and creating the data frame. A single module to generate all the stats I presented here (only the raw data) and another module to generate the interactive graphs to be rendered on the web. I used Heroku to deploy this application which is built using flask framework and jinja templating helped to connect this backend to the web frontend.

Song Lyrics Fetcher (Pythonic Approch)

This is a very basic approach to get the lyrics of the song provided the artist name and title of the song. Though I was not able accomplish all the task because of shortage of time, but at least I had to show whatever I have done and how my solution still works good!

KivyML App

Kivy is a great library to get started with building GUI based applications that can be exported for different platforms. This library assumes a strong grip over object-oriented programming, most of the programming done here is class-based.

Music Genre Classifier Web App

This is the final project made during my internship in Technocolabs. In this project, we were given two files, a CSV file containing data about music track title, composer, label, and many other features including track genre. The JSON file consists of technical details about a soundtrack including valence and danceability.

IPU Result Website

The university releases result in form of PDF every year. This script uses the results produced by my custom parser scanning all the pages of the PDF, cleans the data, and converts it into readable format files. The app is using flask and deployed to Heroku.

IPU Results Android App

This is the extension to my IPU results website. This app will fetch data from the website's own REST API and then display it on the screen. The app fetches the json data returned by the previously deployed IPU website and then it is processed to be displayed on the screen. The app is purely build using Python and Kivy with Kivymd as enhancement over it. Kivy makes it easy to separate between logic file and UI file. UI file is made using Kivy and Kivymd and logics are written in python.

IPU Result Telegram Bot

This is the extension to my IPU results website. This app fetches data from the website's own REST API and then processes the jsonified output of the API to be sent to the telegram bot via the Telegram's own webhook. Currently, its deployed to Heroku as worker dyno which almost works 24/7. When a message is sent by a user to the Telegram bot, a post request is made to the corresponding webhook. I am using telegram webhook as I didn't wanted to complicate things with my present ipu results website making it to listen to telegram request. So, when a request is made, it can be fetched via Telegram APIs and I have integrated that APIs to a custom Telegram Bot class file. I made my own Telegram Bot class to handle all the post and API calls. Whenever my bot receives a post request for a enrollment number, firstly it is validated in the application and then the API call is made to my website. I created a REST API in my website to handle these get requests. The data received by the API is then processed to be sent to the user.

Blogging Website (Flask)

This is a blogging website build with Python as backend, frontend using bootstrap and deployed to Heroku.

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